A Message From The Founder


Congratulations on your investment in the most remarkable high output photonic-botanical treatment systems ever developed! Welcome to our family of highly satisfied users and clinicians of all disciplines who are experiencing consistently excellent patient/client satisfaction and optimal clinical results from the application of our highly advanced technology.  All of us at HALO Systems, Inc. know what an exciting time this is for you and it is our foremost desire to assist you in all ways to obtain the most favorable outcomes and patient/client satisfaction possible from your Photon-botanical Harmonics System and related botanical topical and internal support products. We are confident that HALO Systems is redefining the standard of care involving high output harmonic light systems.

Our website addresses the functionality of both the HALO MAX and HALO Ultra Blue systems. The mechanics of biphotonic therapy is the same for both systems. The user manual and other resources will focus on the description of the botanical filled vials/tubes, HALO systems, product details and basic instructions in application.

Because there is no “one size fits all” instruction or formula to meet the multiverse of physical, emotional and neurological conditions a human body can be afflicted with, this informative resource provides you with a basic starting point for personal application. You are encouraged to use the product according to the instructions and then find your personal routine and rhythm to fit your personal needs.

Blessings and Light,
Michael Thomas
HALO Systems, Inc. CEO