Newly redesigned HALO Pro light device features twin cooling slots to keep the LEDs from overheating and allowing the user extended therapy treatments.


The HALO Pro light device is used by professionals such as chiropractors, estheticians, naturopaths, and other small operations professionals.

It uses 2 lithium-ion 26650 5000 mAh rechargeable batteries for dozens of therapy sessions without having to be replaced. The 2 high output LEDs emit a powerful beam of violet light which carries the photons through the vials of botanicals into the human body.

  • 1 HALO Pro Light Device
  • 4 Rechargeable Batteries 26650 mAh
  • 1 USB battery charger
  • 1 Nanuk custom carrying case
  • 6 Advanced chemistry vial systems

Recommended for the professional user, small to medium health clinic, or hospital. The use of this device requires a solid understanding of application guidelines and better practices to enhance results and prevent misuse. Some home users with previous experience and proper training encouraged.