The HALO Max light therapy device is our answer to the demand from the professional user. It is the post powerful light device in our product line. The HALO Max is intended for clinical and professional use. It is engineered to render hundreds of treatments and keep up with your clinical daily demand. This device is plugged into an electrical outlet and draws 120 watts of power through 36 light emitting diodes and passing through 6 tubes of botanical extracts. The twin cooling fans keep the LEDs cool and in optimal performance.

  • 1 HALO Max Light Device
  • 1 Heavy Duty Medical Stand
  • 6 Tubes of Botanical Extracts and Carrying Case

Recommended for the professional user, health clinic or hospital. Trained staff and personnel are encouraged to take advantage of our HALO Max Training protocol.


HALO Max Operating Instructions

  1. Connect the HALO MAX to a 110V power outlet.  Insert Six Botanical Tubes of your choice. Then press the Red ON/OFF button.  The HALO MAX will light up at a 3% output power level.
  2. Press the Seconds Timer button until you reach the desired time. Press the SET button.  HALO MAX will radiate at 100% output power.
  3. HALO MAX will countdown to zero and return back to 3% output power level.
  4. If you press the Set button again HALO MAX will resume 100% output power at the last entered time countdown.  At Zero on the timer HALO MAX will return to a standby power output level of 3%.
  5. At any time, pressing the ON/OFF button turns the HALO MAX OFF.

HALO Max Demonstration